maybe i am learning from the Atypes. i approached this semester with malice. luckily, i love and i hate. sometimes.

genetics. technology. the prefix ‘bio-‘. the science of death. respiration. redox. in the background, the hum of machinery as the system is synthesized, at the same rate it crumbles away at the edges. the specialized tasks of each organ (=viscus =offal =guts =innards =splanchnic) is materializing. i got very honestly depressed when i learned about the neurons and how i think i’m so great, sometimes, but really all i am is synapses. feelings and cortices and habits. learned response. muscle memory.

well now i almost understand DNA. the nature half of the equation. our predilections. predispositions.

doomed if you do. doomed if you dont.

last night in the library i figured out the liver while it thunderstorm’d outside.

exam 1 semester iii is on day 29. exam 2 on day 32. the show goes on.

ps. mutations occur when DNA is zipping back up.


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