post pathology i final exam.

[Legg-Calve-Perthes disease] aseptic necrosis of the femoral head in small dogs. vascular-mediated.

[Canine Panosteitis] diaphyseal enostosis — “medullary fibrosis”


Hepatozoon on bone; spares the distal limb.

Lead poisoning (in young’n): osteoclast fail; “lead line”, increased metaphyseal density

Osteoflurosis (only herbivores exposed): soft black teeth! ddx bovine congenital porphyria; blacklight

Hypervitaminosis A (cat eats too much liver): dying chondrocytes form enthesophye, fused joints

Hypervitaminosis D (Solanum, Cestrum, Trisetum; rodenticide): metaphyseal spongy bone sclerotizes.

Veratrum californicum (day 14): cyclops lamb

Hypovitaminosis D, or hypophosphate: soft bones (unmineralized osteoid is resists osteoclast-ism)

HyperPTH: Osteodystrophia fibrosa; increased osteoclast-ism, replaced by fibrosis… rubberbones

Gout: deposition of urates in membranes (poultry, reptiles, humans)

1. Articular gout: Excess protein diet; uric acid deposition in synovial capsules

2. Visceral gout: kidney failure; kidney, heart, etc.

Hypovitaminosis C: hallmarks are capillary hemorrhage & lack of bone deposition (Rickets + bloody)


LORDOSIS: booty sticks out

KYPHOSIS: the opposite

if there is no twisting or lateral deviation, it’s one of those two.


Osteochondritis dissecans (dyschondroplasia; growing large breed dogs, horses): focal area of articular cartilage fails to mineralize. Ischemia plays a big role. Increasing body weight cracks open the cartilage.


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