blood curdling

The definition of a word is not often its meaning.

The definition of a word is often not its meaning.

“Bloodcurdling Shout”
Requires Warrior.

In cookery, curdling is the breaking of an emulsion or colloid into large parts of different composition through the physico-chemical processes of flocculation, creaming, and coalescence.

It’s not just the pain, the pain in my back
that laughs in my face, my face every night;
Or the poison that took my lungs
that keeps me from feeling warm.”

And there’s gotta be more, much more than this
I’ve got pages of dreams, they’re covered in piss
and the poison that took my soul,
it keeps me from feeling anything.”

I think alkaline trio is the only thing that I like that doesn’t have some layer of humor. Black humor, maybe, but that kind that’s really not funny. iTheory this is how I define that ‘feeling’ thing. (with chest cavities and coffin nails?)

“Cannot categorize the nature of this sickness.”

perspective adjustment: stop focusing on all the laboratory cats that died from hyper-ivermectin-emia. History (what we call data collection) allows us to learn to tx what matters, which is 5 seconds from

Don’t think “it won’t happen to me.” Don’t focus on the horrible things that could potentially arise from a bad situation, just because data collection shows how certain outcomes are more common. I am not common. What I have in front of this, in this potential future medical emergency, is a puzzle, the result of millions of tiny circumstances.


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