cell classes by radiosensitivity

Note: There are 5 classes of cells with regard to radiosensitivity.

  • In decreasing order of sensitivity these are:

    • Vegetative intermitotic cells (most sensitive).

      • Hematopoietic stem cells.

      • Intestinal gland cells.

      • Spermatogonia type A cells.

      • Ovarian granulosa cells.

      • Large and intermediate lymphocytes.

      • Germinal cells of the epidermis.

      • Gastric and holocrine glands.

    • Differentiating intermitotic cells.

      • Hematopoietic cells in differentiation.

      • Differentiated spermatogonia, spermatocytes, oocytes.

    • Multipotential connective tissue cells.

      • Endothelial cells.

      • Fibroblasts.

      • Mesenchymal cells.

    • Reverting postmitotic cells.

      • Epithelial parenchymal cells.

      • Salivary gland duct cells.

      • Liver.

      • Kidney.

      • Pancreas.

    • Fixed postmitotic cells.

      • Neurons.

      • Muscle.

      • Neutrophils.

      • Erythrocytes.

      • Spermatids.


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