In general, look for a wider barrel (larger diameter) with a padded grip.
Write with your arm, not your fingers. Writing is not drawing! Keep your hand and wrist still, and move your whole arm using the elbow and shoulder (like you are writing on a whiteboard).

Pilot Dr. Grip
Pilot G2 will vastly reduce the friction
Pentel Energel if smudging is a problem with the G2s
#1! Uni-ball Jetstream
– He complimented the 101 Bold for its comfortable grip and being ideal for left-handers.
Lamy Safari (fountain)
Varsity disposable model.
Montblanc Pens
Waterman Phileas
Caran d’Ache 849 Original Metal Ballpoint. The Goliath refill lasts for ages.

There are pretty much three types of non-fountain ink pens currently on the market that you can get on the cheap: ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens.
there are affordable fountain pens, like the awesome Platinum Preppy line, but they’re harder to find in the USA

Ballpoints use oil-based ink
Rollerballs use water-based ink, which provides smoother, finer lines. They are available in a wider array of colors and require less pressure to use.

There are a huge number of truly excellent, affordable pens that come in from Asia
5:27 PM 3/19/2014


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