6:51 PM 11/15/2013
d1:12 AM 11/16/2013
=why “geeks” are socially awkward=
how goggle could be watching us all for the gov’t
here is the space for transient things
for that future planning thing

•if you think yr bathroom is haunted, you probably just got vemins
•if you think yr laptop is haunted you probably # got a touchpad # be’n spied on. # need to take a break from yr laptop. From the mess to the masses,
•how you can use cloud storage to make yr job easier!
•take random screenshots of [consumer’s?] viddy, save to cloud storage, sell for price
dear diary
mood: conspirat’l
1. why geeks are socially awkward
here’s the truth. our worm ancestors had a neurocord and some play with polarization of it. yadda yadda yadda, we have brain mesenchyme projecting from a brain stem. reach for the sky. in “higher beings” we have what they call personality. some people Feel. i am only going to touch on this briefly. some people are introverts, and they live in their heads. some introverts are feelers. they spend most of that time in there thinking about themselves. these are dangerous folk. humans are social creatures, for some reason. i learned this morning that we have more sclera than most vertebrates b/c it displays which direction you are looking to other people, just like a fakebook profile.
i had an exam this morning. a “miniblock”. at 7:50AM, which to me feels the way 11PM seems to feel to most people. that doesn’t make sense, bot. i am having a feeling-introverted moment. it was really boring. the point is that i am very tired.
well we are social b/c we have the best of both worlds, just like miley. we are herbivores, b/c herd immunity. we are carnivones, b/c we can be.

5:31 PM 3/19/2014


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