10:38 AM 12/10/2013
The body has a finite number of pathophysiological responses to an infinite number of insults.

Laws of Radiology
Symmetry is good.
Straight lines and sharp corners are bad.
Real findings are in a perpendicular view, too.

On “doctoring”
Make a diagnosis
Find a treatment

Anaerobe treatment: clindamycin above the diaphragm, metronidazole below.

Medicine is a function of time: Acute problems are treated acutely, chronic problems are treated chronically, and to truly cure anything, prevent it in the first place.

The best way to learn to be a doctor is to be a doctor.

The B-52, the cure for the violent patient: haloperidol 0.5 mg IV/IM and lorazepam 2 mg IV/IM repeat until pacified (or the QTc gets too long).

Vitals, it’s an acronym for Verify If They Are Living Still.

Positive staph aureus blood cultures always have a source.

Delirium is a symptom of something
Bugs (Infection)
Drugs (Intoxication)
Beating (Cardiac Output)
Bleeding (Decreased oxygen carrying capacity)
Gases (Hypoxemia/Hypercarbia)
Glucose (Hypo-/Hyperglycemia)
Gourd (Seizures and Stroke)

What appears intuitively true must be verified by experiment.

Palliative care is like intubation, if you think they need it, do it.

The conclusion was that the mind is always seeking to make sense of the things that it sees, and surreal/absurd art puts the mind in “overdrive” for a short period while it tries to work out just exactly what it is looking at or reading.
1:01 AM 2/5/2014
reasons for not wanting to work in infectious disease: immunocompromised animals are the ones that get the (interesting) ones, and immunocompromised animals tend to be the purebred (uninteresting) ones.
2:54 PM 2/5/2014
9:58 PM 2/6/2014
11:26 AM 2/7/2014
“Happiness is like a butterfly; The more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” Henry David Thoreau
5:01 PM 2/7/2014
10:31 PM 2/10/2014

6:11 PM 3/19/2014


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