a sheep is just a fraction of a herd
barbados blackbellies
pulse: femoral artery; medial aspect of the hind leg
((from behind or in front))
core temperature: 102.7 is normal!
slight serous nasal discharge is normal!
downstairs buck teeth fully erupted (over 1y); 2nd 3rd, 4th incisors baby teeth(less than 18 mo)
palpebral response; menace; dilation is sluggish
mandidular LN in the corner of the ramus; v superficial pea-size
respiratory dz: squeeze larynx, will cough if sick
prescapular nodes (both sides) roll up scapular, will pop out
heart sounds (up artpit, under triceps mass; press hard, 2 heart sounds (S1 S2))

paralumbar fossa=>rumen
the anterior part of the rumen is far up at the pericardial sac, rumen is entire left side; push fingers in to feel rumen mat, will leave a dent
find where fiber mat (top) ends & liquid begins
listen to rumen for 3-4 minutes to appreciate sounds
stethescope at paralumbar fossa
short intense contraction in sheep, long rolling in cow
right side stuff, not as noisy as horse
3rd set of LN; in front of stifle: prefemoral LN; pop under fingers
popliteals are not normally palpable
1. head
2. resp
3. CV
4. digestive
5. lymphatic

vermiform appendage! threadlike body
“whethers” (geldings) get struvite calculi stuck in there
sandy blockage in vermiform appendage

sebaceous gland between claws (normal)
smell for footrot

(clasp knife for hoot trim)
fold of horn; material trapped within, pus pockets

mannhaemia pneumonia
pregnancy toxemia
footrot (lameness; common)

Ovine physical exam
EVS D – Ovine physical exam
EVS D – Body condition scoring (ovine)
EVS D – Restraint – rope halter (ovine)
EVS D – Tie rope halter (ovine)


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