the acid-base disorders

=metabolic alkalosis=
•abomasal volvulus
•cushings ((b/c aldosterone))

=metabolic acidosis=
•renal insufficiency
•pancreatic/biliary tract obstruction
•ischemic hypoxia
•ethylene glycol toxicity

=respiratory acidosis=
•pulmonary edema
•CNS depression
•pneumothorax, hydrothorax, hemothorax, chylothorax
•neurologic//neuromuscular disorders

=respiratory alkalosis=
•CNS lesion
•CNS inflammation ((encephalitis))
•severe hypoxemia

severe hypoxemia ((respiratory alkalosis)) leads to cellular production of lactic acid ((titration acidosis)).

Question: How can more than one primary
acid/base disorder be present in the
case of severe vomiting or abomasal
•vom with bile in it is also bicarb-losing
•abomasal volulus ((seqestered H+)) probably results in ischemia which produces H+ so everything evens out!


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