anesthesia exam 1o3


“Of the injectable induction drugs, ketamine is the least likely to cause complete apnea.”

Uptake of inhalant anesthesia depends on: cardiac output, “PA-PV difference”, barometric pressure, and solubility (of the inhalant). NOT affected by boiling point. b/c the vap compensates for that, i guess?

3. Appropriate ventilation for a 35 kg sheep:
VT = 525 mL – I:E 1:3 – PIP 20 – f 8
ddx: VT 300 VT 800 PIP 40 f 12

tidal volume: 15 mL/kg (=525)

inspiratory time: 1.5 to 3 seconds

I:E ratio: 1:2 (max 1:4.5)

PIP: 20 to 30 cm H2O

f (pigs and small ruminants): 8-12 BPM 

Capnography can: detect esophageal intubation. give information regarding the CO. indicate bronchospasm. detect faulty valves.
Capnography cannot: give an early indication of hypoxia.

Given Ventricular tachycardia causing pulse defects. Oscillometry will give the least accurate BP (options were Doppler, invasive)

(100% FiO2) Pulse ox can: monitor CV and pulmonary function. Give pulse rate. Give irregular heart beats. Give SaO2.
Pulse ox cannot: give exact PaO2 


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