the femoral nerve innervates the
quadriceps femoris:
>extension of stifle
necessary to support weight on hindlimb

the ventral branches of the sixth and seventh lumbar spinal >nerves and the first two sacral spinal nerves unite to form a >lumbosacral trunk. the nerves that arise from this trunk are the >caudal gluteal, cranial gluteal, and sciatic.

the sciatic nerve innervates the
biceps femoris, semimemb, semitend
>extensors of the hip
>flexors of the stifle
then splits into cranial and caudal branches

the tibial nerve is “the caudal portion of the sciatic nerve”
it separates from the common peroneal nerve in the thigh
>tarsal extensors
>digital flexors
gastrocnemius, popliteus, SDF, DDF
then splits into the plantar nerves

the fibular nerve is smaller
>tarsal flexors
>digital extensors
cranial tibial, fibularis longus, long digital extensor

the pudendal nerve


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